65 cm Anti-burst Gym Ball

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Product Description


This anti-burst gym ball is blue in colour and features a 65cm diameter which will suit people ranging in height from 168cm (5’6”) to 178cm (5'10"). Manufactured to the highest specifications and tested rigorously, it will withstand heavy usage with a maximum load weight of 200kg (31 stone). Add it into your fitness routine and perform a diverse range of exercises which can work your whole body: core muscles and your upper and lower body. Perform sit-ups, stretching exercises, resistance work, drills to improve flexibility and balance and plenty more, plus you can add free weights to any reps to increase the intensity and effectiveness. The anti-burst design and the ribbed pattern that grips floor surfaces well combine to ensure confident usage, and included are the instructions and a hand pump so you can inflate the gym ball correctly before using it.

Key Features:

  • Size: 65cm
  • Weight: 1200g
  • Suitable for user height: 168cm (5’6”) to 178cm (5'10")
  • Suitable for core strengthening and stability exercises
  • Great for sit-ups, back exercises, stretching, balance and resistance work
  • Produced from anti-burst PVC
  • Ribbing for additional grip
  • Anti-burst tested to 200kg (440lbs)
  • Comes with a hand pump for easy inflation
  • Suitable for use on any surface