Viavito Heart Rate Transmitter

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Product Description


The heart rate transmitter is made for use with home fitness equipment that's fitted with a wireless receiver and enables you to maximize results with heart rate training and measure your pulse quickly and accurately. It is compatible with all uncoded Viavito fitness machines and has a transmission distance of 100cm/39.4” (max. 140cm/55.1”). This open frequency transmitter is used to transmit heart rate to your machine and display it on the screen. It ensures a secure, comfortable fit and comes with a CR2032 battery.

    Key Features:

    • Transmits heart rate to the equipment
    • Compatible with all uncoded Viavito fitness machines
    • Frequency: 5.3khz
    • Transmission Distance: 100cm/39.4” (max. 140cm/55.1”)
    • Battery: CR2032
    • Can be used with any fitness machine that has an uncoded receiver